Wonder Woman 2 Brought Forward Six Weeks To Avoid Star Wars Clash


Though it initially had a clear shot at the festive corridor of 2019, Wonder Woman 2 has now relocated to November 1st, 2019 to avoid a clash with the so-far untitled Star Wars: Episode IX.

Coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. slated Diana Prince’s sophomore adventure for December 13th, all the while confirming that Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins would return to star and direct, respectively. But that was long before Lucasfilm decided to part ways with Colin Trevorrow and, as a result, delay Episode IX by a full six months – all the way back to December 20th, 2019, a mere week away from Wonder Woman 2.

One studio was always expected to blink – having two mega-blockbusters open within the space of seven days can be bad for business – and Warner Bros. has now decided to bring Wonder Woman 2 forward by six weeks, where the only other competition so far comes in the form of MGM’s untitled Bond 25. It’s currently expected to herald Daniel Craig’s final appearance as the super-spy on November 8th, 2019, with Deadline noting that Annapurna is very close to handling the pic Stateside. Overseas, it’s a different story, what with Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. all vying for global distribution.

Circling back to Wonder Woman 2, though, Patty Jenkins is expected to get the squad back together for a production start next summer, when she’ll be orchestrating a superhero epic that involves Princess Diana facing off against the Soviet Union during the 80s. Goodbye trench warfare, hello espionage and Cold War subterfuge!

And yes, Gal Gadot is locked in to reprise her role as the Immortal Warrior, despite claims that the Justice League actress was threatening to walk out on Wonder Woman 2 unless Warner cut ties with Brett Ratner’s label, RatPac Dune. However, according to Deadline’s sources, that’s simply not the case:

The studio is pushing both Gadot and Jenkins this awards season and both were in cheery attendance on Saturday night at the AMPAS Governors Awards. Second, RatPac Dune isn’t committed to finance Wonder Woman 2; the passive investor’s commitments with WB end with the April 20 release of Rampage. In addition, Ratner isn’t listed as producer on the first Wonder Woman, RatPac was merely a passive financier.

It’s official: Wonder Woman 2 will be with us on November 1st, 2019.