Wonder Woman 2 Working Title Hints At Diana’s Next Opponent


Though her DCEU career is still in the early stages, Diana Prince of Themyscira has come up against some truly incredible screen villains.

There was Doomsday, of course, which involved a three-way partnership between Diana, Superman and the Caped Crusader. Next came Ares, the true god of war, before DC’s Immortal Warrior joined forces with the Justice League to topple Steppenwolf.

So far, so good. But with Warner Bros. pushing full steam ahead on Wonder Woman 2, Diana’s ride ain’t over yet, to quote her Justice League ally Cyborg, and according to some new intel, she’ll be facing off against the villainous Circe come 2019.

Wonder Woman 2 villlain Magic Hour

Omega Underground (h/t CBM) has the scoop, revealing that Warner’s untitled Wonder Woman sequel is operating under the working title “magic hour.” That fairly innocuous moniker has led some to believe that WB is actually dropping clues about Circe, a powerful sorceress with the ability to turn humans into animals without so much as breaking a sweat.

As you’ll no doubt recall, Circe was originally earmarked to be the antagonist of Diana’s first solo movie, before Patty Jenkins and Co. settled on Dr. Poison and the aforementioned Ares. Back then, Eva Green was tipped to play the part, though it’s currently unclear if Warner Bros. will stick with the plan and draft Green into the DCEU. Casting is due to commence soon, though, so stay tuned for more.

Directing from a script penned by Expendables screenwriter David Callaham, Patty Jenkins is already deep into pre-production on Wonder Woman 2, a sequel that is presumably “totally different” than the original. It’ll light up theaters on November 1st, 2019 – exactly six weeks before the arrival of Star Wars: Episode IX.