Wonder Woman Collects $11 Million From Thursday Previews; DC Producer Turns In Sequel Update


It’s June 2nd, dear readers, and that can only mean one thing: Wonder Woman has graced theaters across the globe.

To say that Diana Prince’s origin story has been a long time coming may read as something of a colossal understatement, but after unanimous praise pushed Wonder Woman toward becoming the highest-rated superhero movie on Rotten Tomatoes, you’d struggle to find anyone who isn’t excited to catch the Patty Jenkins-directed standalone pic on the big screen. Rooted in a WWI setting – and for very good reason, it seems – Wonder Woman follows Gal Gadot’s graceful heroine from the sun-kissed beaches of Themyscira all the way to The Great War, where she fights alongside Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) for the good of humanity.

It’s not without its faults, of course, but after four films and five years, Warner Bros. has finally unearthed the rarest of things: a DCEU movie deemed to be a critical darling. That positive word of mouth will surely have a bearing on the movie’s box office performance, too, and it seems Wonder Woman is off to a commendable start overseas, with Deadline revealing that the movie collected $6.3 million from Wednesday screenings. The DC tentpole then garnered an additional $11 million from Thursday night previews, which is the best preview figure for a film helmed by a female director. Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey ($8.6 million) comes in at a close second.

If early forecasts are to be believed, it’s a figure that will set WW off on a journey toward an opening weekend in the region of $175 million. The jury’s still out on whether Patty Jenkins’ solo movie will climb higher still, but at the very least, all signs currently point to DC and Warner Bros. kicking on with Wonder Woman 2 in the not-so-distant future.

Make no mistake though, it’ll be some time yet before the Powers That Be get the gang back together, after DC producer Charles Roven told CinemaBlend that when it comes to Diana’s second solo outing, “nothing has been written.” Not yet, at least.

Nothing has been written. We really want to focus on this movie, and I think the result of this movie is going to really define what the future of Wonder Woman is in the movies, other than the fact that you know that she’s in Justice League. And we’re really happy about that! But I think we’re all pretty pleased with the film, and you guys have been great, giving us amazingly wonderful positive feedback. We hope it continues on!

Will you be venturing out to see Wonder Woman this weekend and, by effect, adding to that total box office cume? Do let us know.

Source: Deadline

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