Awesome New Wonder Woman Concept Art Lands Online


In every sense, Wonder Woman is the most successful movie in the DC Extended Universe to date. Not only did the origins film, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins, garner exceptionally positive reviews when it first arrived, but Wonder Woman has now passed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to become the highest-grossing DCEU film at the domestic box office.

Part of what made it so great was the awe-inspiring visuals, and you can now relive some of the best moments with these gorgeous pieces of concept art below, which were posted online by artist Joshua Min on Artstation recently. The images show early renderings of various scenes throughout the film. For instance, Diana sparring with her aunt Antiope on Themyscira, visiting the front lines of the First World War and battling Ares, as part of the movie’s third act.

What’s interesting about these pieces is just how similar they are to the shots seen in the final product. Usually concept art depicts a basic rendition of the scene that’s changed as things develop. This time, though, it seems that Jenkins and her team were very happy with what Min came up with and simply reproduced that on film.

This concept art arrives just as we’re starting to learn some information about Wonder Woman 2, which is no doubt on the fast track nowAccording to a recent report, Warner Bros. are considering a Cold War setting for Diana’s next adventure, which could also bring back Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Though we’re not exactly sure how that will work considering that the character would be an old man by that period – not to mention the fact that we’re pretty sure he died in the first film.

Regardless, with Comic-Con just around the corner now, we’ll hopefully get a little more insight into both the future of Wonder Woman and the DCEU as a whole in no time at all.