Wonder Woman To Don Six Different Costumes For Solo Movie


One unexpected hotbed of discussion concerning comic book movies is the wardrobes of superheroes and supervillains. Understandably, diehard aficionados of a specific character may be inclined to know even a smidgen of detail about their favorite hero’s getup in an upcoming movie. But, the tides are turning, and the craft of costume design is taking a longer spin in the spotlight.

Most recently, one of the talented designers behind Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice stepped up to discuss the process of creating outfits for its titular pair. Not longer after, Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa addressed the topic with regards to his aquatic king. Now, talk has leapt to the matter of their fellow Justice League cohort Wonder Woman and what we can expect from her onscreen aesthetic.

Played by Gal Gadot, the Amazonian warrior will make her debut in Dawn Of Justice ahead of her standalone venture in 2017. Thanks to a series of scoops from Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, we now know that she won’t be restricted to the one look. According to his intel, the character will undergo several costume changes throughout the standalone outing. The specifics are kept to a minimum (though he does reference a dive suit), but it still suggests that a variety of locations and sequences will be included in Wonder Woman’s solo riff.

Whatever the final number of costumes the titular warrior is slated to wear, she will first appear in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice next March, before headlining the Michelle McLaren-directed Wonder Woman flick on June 23, 2017.