Wonder Woman Film Was Inspired By Various Comic Book Eras, Artemis Casting Confirmed


By now, everyone has grown accustomed to the fact that superhero movies mostly tend to pick and choose from various comic book storylines as opposed to being a straight up adaptation of one specific work. And from what we can tell, Wonder Woman looks to continue that trend.

With three quarters of a century worth of publication history behind her, there’s definitely more than enough source material to assure the well doesn’t run dry (case in point, there’s already sequel talk). As was seen in the most recent trailer, director Patty Jenkins will be exploring Diana’s origins on Themyscira in ways similar to that of the comics – but which, to be precise?

In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, producer Charles Roven confirmed that the filmmakers found inspiration in classic tales in addition to ones as recent as the New 52:

“For Wonder Woman, what was really intriguing to us was the mythology of her past and attempting to blend both the canon from the past with the New 52 and really come up with a compelling story for Diana and her hero’s journey.”

Personally, I was a big fan of what Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang did in the New 52, so I’m most interested in seeing what Jenkins and company culled from their run. Most infamously, that era was known for tinkering with Diana’s origins, making her the offspring of Hippolyta and Zeus, as opposed to just being fashioned from clay by the former. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how she came to be when the film is released on June 2.

In related news, we now know who will be playing Artemis, one of the most prominent of Amazons: none other than boxer Ann Wolfe. The confirmation came via Jenkins herself in the following Tweet:

Although we don’t expect Wolfe’s role to extend beyond the Wonder Woman branch of the DCEU, you never really know these days. Artemis is currently a major player in Red Hood and the Outlaws, so if Jason Todd ever makes his way to the big screen and is popular enough to spinoff into his own movie, it’s not crazy to think he’ll bring a few friends with him.