Wonder Woman Flashes A Grin In Latest Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice BTS Photo

Wonder Woman 1

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s time in theaters is obviously long gone, and it’s also been a while since the Ultimate Edition hit stores and showed fans how much better the movie could and should have been. Despite that, great behind the scenes photos from the divisive release continue to find their way online.

The latest shows a very happy looking Gal Gadot fully suited up as Wonder Woman during a key moment in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Regardless of the many criticisms which were levelled at the movie back in March, pretty much everyone agreed that the Amazonian warrior’s arrival was awesome, with the scene reportedly receiving rounds of applause at some screenings.


We’ll see Wonder Woman back on the big screen in her solo movie next July before she reunites with her Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice co-stars for Justice League. It will be a big year for the character then, and after the mixed response to Suicide Squad, fans (and presumably Warner Bros.) are obviously hoping that Wonder Woman can “save” the DC Films Universe.

Whether or not it will remains to be seen, but based on this new look at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gadot is certainly happy to be playing her.