Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman To Feature In Flashpoint


One reason fans were excited when it was announced at SDCC that The Flash had been revamped into Flashpoint is that it would likely star various other members of the Justice League in supporting roles. And, sure enough, a new rumour has sprouted up today claiming that one of DC’s finest will appear in the movie.

Forbes ran a piece on the phenomenal box office run of Wonder Woman and it was in there that they casually revealed a hitherto unknown role for Gal Gadot in the upcoming flick. According to the site, the amazing Amazon will appear in Flashpoint alongside Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster when it rolls into theatres in 2020. They wouldn’t say how she’ll factor into things, but here’s what the outlet revealed.

“Gadot is also expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of Flashpoint, which will be Flash’s solo movie but is also more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes. Flashpoint is currently scheduled to release in 2020. So we’ll see Wonder Woman twice this year, again in 2019, and in 2020. That’s an average of one appearance every year, and it means Wonder Woman could potentially appear in as many different films as Batman will over the course of the next few years in the DCEU.”

In the comics, Flashpoint sees Barry Allen go back in time to save his mother – and accidentally create a dystopian version of the timeline in the process. One of the most apocalyptic changes is that Aquaman and Wonder Woman are waging a war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons that’s tearing through the world. If the film sticks to the source material, it would definitely be interesting to see Gadot tackle a much more militant, single-minded version of the heroine.

Other DCEU actors who fans hope will appear include Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen as Thomas and Martha Wayne, Batman’s parents. In the Flashpoint timeline in the comics, it’s Bruce Wayne who dies in that alley while Thomas becomes the Dark Knight and Martha becomes the Joker. Again, it’s unknown if the studio will stick strictly to what’s on the page, but if they do, it would be fascinating to see.

While it’s very probable that Gadot will be recruited to appear in the film, it’d be best not to get our hopes up just yet. After all, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed any of this and as The Flash TV show proved, it’s possible to adapt the Flashpoint storyline without bringing in other heroes.

Regardless, we’ll next see Wonder Woman when Justice League arrives in cinemas on November 17th.

Source: Forbes