Wonder Woman May Get A Best Picture/Director Nomination At The Oscars


With nearly $800 million under its belt now – yes, $800 million – Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is a smashing success on all counts. Praised by critics, beloved by fans and raking in an impressive haul at the box office, it would seem that there’s only one final honor for it to earn. That is, of course, an Oscar nomination. And while receiving a nod in some of the smaller categories isn’t too difficult to imagine, could the Gal Gadot-led film possibly clinch a nomination – or even a win – in one of the major categories?

Given that comic book movies rarely get much recognition at the Academy Awards, it seems unlikely that Wonder Woman would find itself with a Best Picture statue, but Warner Bros. is sure going to do their best to give it a good chance. That’s because according to Variety, the studio is set to pay a pretty penny for what they’re calling a “groundbreaking” and “formidable” Oscar campaign that will look to not only net a nomination for Best Picture, but Best Director as well.

While some may call this a fool’s errand, and it probably is, you have to respect WB for making the effort. After all, Wonder Woman is an excellent film and very well made, in all regards, so it definitely does deserve some love from the Academy and Warner Bros. is clearly hoping to get just that.

Even despite their best efforts though, it’s going to be tough and as good as Patty Jenkins’ DCEU entry is, it’s still no Dark Knight – a movie which is considered to be the best in the genre and even then, only got one major nomination/win (for Best Supporting Actor).

Still, like we said above, it’s great to see that Warner Bros. is putting their weight behind Wonder Woman‘s Oscar campaign and with any luck, they might just secure a major nod. Fingers crossed, eh?

Source: Variety