Wonder Woman Projected To Be DCEU’s Top Earner Domestically


Lately, it seems like not much time can go by without us having to say something positive about Wonder Woman – and it’s a pleasure to note that, really. After all, three previous installments in the DC Extended Universe were met with mixed feelings, so it’s good to see the brand rebound with the long overdue solo cinematic debut of the most iconic female superhero around. Suffice it to say, this can be seen as a win for the genre as a whole.

As it turns out, Diana Prince has no intention of laying down her sword and shield, and continues to dominate at the box office. After first exceeding expectations with an impressive $103 million opening in North America, the Amazon Warrior has since powered on and, according to Forbes, will cross the $300 million mark this weekend. Not only that, but the film is now projected to end its run at around the $350 million.

Should this pan out – and it most likely will, to be honest – that’d place Wonder Woman above its brethren of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330 million), Suicide Squad ($325 million) and Man of Steel ($291 million). And despite those three having proven divisive amongst both critics and moviegoers at large, there’s something to be said about that measure of financial consistency, not to mention merchandise sales. Well, it could be argued that Suicide Squad was strongest in that area, but the point remains valid.

Earlier, I intimated that this is good for the genre as a whole – and it very much is – but this most definitely has to help when it comes to opening the door for more female superhero films at WB, and not just a Wonder Woman sequel, something that likely isn’t far off. In other words, this spells good news for projects like Batgirl and Gotham City Sirens, so let’s keep sending out positive vibes.

Source: Forbes

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