Wonder Woman Scores Second Biggest Weekend Of Any DCEU Film


Wonder Woman is on a roll, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. After a stunning opening weekend that saw it bring in $103 million domestically, Patty Jenkins’ film continued to do impressive box office business this week, earning itself another $57 million domestically and taking its total haul on this side of the pond past $200 million. Not only that, but Wonder Woman now holds the record for the biggest second weekend of any DCEU film.

With only a 45% drop, the movie was able to take the top spot at the box office again, with fans eager to catch the flick once more – or perhaps even for the first time. When compared to previous entries in the franchise, Wonder Woman‘s fall isn’t too steep at all, given that Batman V Superman had a 68% drop, earning $52 million, while Suicide Squad fell 67% and took in $43 million and Man of Steel went down 65%, bringing its second week total to $41 million.

Of course, helping the Amazon Princess’ cause is the fact that there wasn’t much competition this weekend, with The Mummy bombing domestically and not much else exciting moviegoers at the moment. Still, it’s great to see Wonder Woman doing so well and with the next big release not arriving until the 21st (Transformers: The Last Knight), we imagine that the film will have no trouble claiming #1 again next weekend.

As for where we go from here, well, a sequel is already confirmed but it’ll probably be some time before we hear anything concrete about it, with the studio having their hands full at the moment with projects like Justice LeagueAquaman and The Batman, among others. Still, we can rest assured that Wonder Woman will be back in action with a second solo outing at some point in the future, hopefully delivering another spectacular moviegoing experience in the process.

Until then, we’ve always got her appearance in the aforementioned Justice League to look forward to, which hits theatres on November 17th.