New Posters Revealed For The World’s End

world's end

Two new posters have been released for The World’s End, the long-gestating and highly anticipated last instalment in what will probably stand as the greatest British movie threesome of all time – The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. Composed of the aforementioned The World’s End, along with buddy cop movie Hot Fuzz and rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead, The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy is so-named because each film features a scene in which a Cornetto is consumed. That’s it.

The posters were released on the film’s co-writer and star Simon Pegg’s official website, and also that of the film itself. Both are reproduced below for your safety and convenience:

The horizontal poster is the UK version, with the earlier release date and landscape format. There’s more plot spoilers in the US poster than the UK poster, which alludes more directly to the route the story will take – that of an apocalyptic pub crawl – in the tagline.

The film is released in July in the UK, and August in the US, and to say that there is anticipation surrounding this film is a vast understatement. Fans of the hilarious threesome have been looking forward to The World’s End since it was teased before the release of Paul, in 2011.

According to this Q&A with Edgar Wright, The World’s End is the closest we’ll ever get to a sequel for either of the trilogy’s other films, which is depressing news. But that’s not to say that the guys won’t work together ever again, which is great news. A third series of Spaced would be excellent, but one can dream.

In an interesting nerd sidenote, in that Q&A Edgar Wright also said that he would love to direct an episode of Doctor Who, but just hasn’t had the time as of yet. Between that and directing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, it looks like Edgar Wright could be the person to single-handedly unite the entire internet as one giant sycophantic nightmare love-beast. If only he could involve cats somehow.

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