Wreck-It Ralph Looks Set To Wreck Expectations In New Trailer

In what is turning out to be a banner year for animation, at least in so far as quantity is concerned (three stop-motion movies this year alone), Disney has so far managed to slip by, their upcoming movie, Wreck-It Ralph, barely registering as a blip on the radar for many.

Some of that could also be blamed on the dwindling interest, both critically and box-office wise, where Disney’s animated offerings are concerned. It’s been years since Disney was the force in animation that it was during either of its two golden ages, meaning it’s easy for all the press and positive buzz to get lost among the sea of uncertainty that surrounds their output nowadays.

But, wary though you and a whole bunch of others may be to put your faith in Disney once more, Wreck-It Ralph could very well change your mind. The concept alone, a video-game villain grows tired of his monotonous existence and sets out to find happiness and meaning in a vast array of games, should be enough to bring you on board. If it’s not, however, then this new trailer, courtesy of Indiewire, should more than do the trick.

Whether or not it does, Disney deserves to be commended for what looks to be their most original and promising movie in a very long time. So, come November 2nd, when Wreck-It Ralph is set to hit theaters, I say give Disney a shot and go see it. Maybe they’ll surprise you.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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