X-Men: Apocalypse BTS Video Sees Weapon X On The Rampage


The scene was briefly teased in the final trailer, so we all knew it was coming, but easily one of the highlights of X-Men: Apocalypse was Hugh Jackman’s cameo as everyone’s favorite feral mutant, Wolverine.

The sequence played out as a reboot (of sorts) of Logan’s transformation into Weapon X in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with the younger versions Jean Grey and Cyclops unleashing the memory-wiped berserker on a bunch of unfortunate Alkali Lake soldiers. Wolvie does what he does best in the scene, giving us a teasing glimpse of how that final R-rated Wolverine movie might look.

Now, director Bryan Singer has posted some behind-the-scenes footage of Logan’s rampage to his Instagram page, showing us a seriously intense Hugh Jackman tearing through his enemies. The actor is set reprise the role for the last time in James Mangold’s currently shooting sequel, which is supposedly going to be subtitled Weapon X. It’s not out until next March, but while we wait for it to hit theatres, this bite sized bit of footage should definitely help build up the excitement.