X-Men: Dark Phoenix Reshoot Pics See Sophie Turner And Jessica Chastain In Action


The much-discussed reshoots for X-Men: Dark Phoenix are now underway and these set photos from shooting in Montreal reveal what looks to be a pivotal scene from the upcoming – and possibly last – Marvel movie from 20th Century Fox.

As shared by the @UniversoXMen Twitter account, the three behind the scenes shots showcase actresses Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain in full motion capture suits, apparently locked in battle. Seeing as Turner’s Jean Grey is the focal point of the film and Chastain’s playing its enigmatic lead villain, we’d expect that this is part of the customary big CGI climax of the pic.

See for yourself below:

It’s no mystery why Turner would need to wear a MoCap suit here, as the filmmakers will need some technical wizardry to bring the Phoenix to life in all her glory, particularly if this scene does take place in the final act and she’s at her most powerful. The fact that Chastain will be turned into some sort of completely CGI creation as well is intriguing, though. We initially thought she’d be playing Shi’ar empress Lilandra, but the star herself denied this. It was then rumored that she could be playing a Skrull instead, a race shared with Marvel Studios (who’ll utilize them in Captain Marvel).

However, that trail has been cold for a while. We’ve seen promo photos of Chastain with chilly blonde hair, but perhaps this is just her human form and whatever her true alien presence looks like will be revealed during her climactic fight with Jean. It’s worth mentioning that Cyclops will also be involved here, as Tye Sheridan’s stunt double can be seen in one of the snaps.

Assuming the date doesn’t change yet again, X-Men: Dark Phoenix should still hit its planned release on February 14th, 2019.

Source: Twitter