Rumor Suggests X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will Introduce The Skrulls


For a film that’s only showcased a series of carefully edited action shots, X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been attracting an awful lot of attention as of late.

First came the comparisons to James Bond, after comic book scribe Chris Claremont suggested that Simon Kinberg’s star-studded sequel is all set to become the Casino Royale of superhero movies. It certainly aligns with those claims that Dark Phoenix has what it takes to “revolutionize” the genre itself, as fans look forward to the movie adaptation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirky’s famous comic book with a hushed sense of excitement.

But there’s another, potentially game-changing rumor kicking around online. As reported by industry sleuth Jeremy Conrad (h/t Screen Rant), we’re now learning that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will get the jump on Captain Marvel by introducing moviegoers to the Skrulls, a race of shape-shifting aliens that are also set to appear in the standalone Carol Danvers movie.

As with any comic book-related tidbit that finds its way onto the interwebs – specifically those that hail from unofficial channels – we advise taking this allegation with a grain of salt, as Conrad is simply calling upon a “long-time source” who is seemingly familiar with the situation.

They’ve also glimpsed some of Dark Phoenix in action, and contend that while Simon Kinberg’s sequel isn’t as good as Days of Future Past, it’s a marked improvement over the bloated Apocalypse.

One thing we can tell you with absolute certainty is that X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been scheduled for release on November 2nd, which is a corridor that proved quite fortuitous for Thor: Ragnarok late last year – and Doctor Strange the year before. It’ll also be the second X-Men movie to release in 2018, after Fox chose to push The New Mutants by a full 10 months.