X-Men: Dark Phoenix International Trailer Reveals Even More New Footage

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer

The second trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrived last night, resulting in some mixed feelings about the upcoming mutant movie. Some were blown away by its more serious tone and awesome spectacle and visuals while others were concerned that the plot looked to be too close to X-Men: The Last Stand and not close enough to the original classic comic book saga.

For those who fall into the latter camp, this new international trailer may help to ease your worries. Often these alternate promos don’t shake up the footage too much from the US version, but this one for Dark Phoenix features some key extra footage that clears up the exact nature of Jean’s enhanced powers: it’s not a repressed second personality like the other trailers suggested but is indeed the Phoenix Force, the cosmic entity from the comics.

See for yourself in the video below:

In the scene in question, Jessica Chastain’s mysterious alien villain tells Jean: “That power destroyed everything it came into contact with… Until you.” In further dialogue unique to the international trailer, Chastain adds: “Are you the scared little girl who answers to a man in a chair or are you the most powerful creature on the planet?”

The beginning of the trailers are also different. While the regular one – controversially – opens with Jean attacking Mystique, the international edition pushes this scene to later on and opens with the X-Men’s mission into space. This clip makes clear that Jean’s possessed by the Phoenix Force while marooned in the vacuum of space rather than the danger unlocking her latent powers, as it looked in the other version.

As for some of the other similarities with Last Stand, like the scenes set at Jean’s childhood home, these come from the original comics, so fans should expect some crossover as both movies are based on the same source material. At least the international trailer confirms that we’re getting a more accurate explanation for Jean’s powers.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix rises into theaters on June 7th.