X-Men: First Class Director Would Love To Reboot Fantastic Four


Following two botched adaptations and three middling movies in the space of 10 years, it’s fair to say that the Fantastic Four – Marvel’s First Family, no less – have fallen on hard times.

To put it bluntly, the most recent outing for the titular heroes was one of the worst films ever made (we can actually see Kate Mara’s wig change across the different scenes, for heaven’s sake) and had us chewing our own wrists due to its sheer triteness. Never has a superhero origin story been as dreary as this piece of trash.

But Fox isn’t ready to give up the rights just yet and is now planning yet another reboot, this one being more kid-friendly, from what we’ve heard. Details on the project are scarce and it’s still far too early for the studio to have found a director, but that hasn’t stopped one from putting his name forth.

While doing an interview to promote Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Matthew Vaughn voiced his desire to reboot Marvel’s First Family:

“The other one I’ve felt an obligation to do is, I wouldn’t mind maybe making a Fantastic Four film to apologize to everyone out there that maybe it didn’t go very well for them. It’s brilliant. One of my favorites is the Fantastic Four, so maybe one day I’ll try and rectify the mistake.”

I think just about everyone would be all for seeing Vaughn giving this a go, and considering that he’s already in Fox’s good books due to him cranking out a few hits for them in the past (X-Men: First Class, Kingsman: The Secret Service), it’s not too crazy to think that this could happen. Then again, the director certainly wouldn’t put his name to a kid-friendly reboot of the property. Or at least, we don’t think he would.

Judging by his current filmography, Vaughn would likely only sign on here if the studio switched directions and allowed him to apply his signature style to the project. That is to say, they’d have to give him the go ahead for a kinetic, edgy and more mature Fantastic Four outing.

Whether that’ll happens remains to be seen, but I think we can all agree that Fox needs to hit it out of the park with this next reboot and there’s few people who’d be able to do that better than Matthew Vaughn.