X-Men: First Class Sequel May Feature Wolverine

The premiere of Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming X-Men: First Class is right around the corner, but with all the anticipated introductions of favorite X-Men characters, one singular figure is prominently missing from the cast: Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman in every X-Men movie made so far. However, producer Bryan Singer explained exclusively to IGN that Wolverine is not permanently out of the pictures yet and may make an appearance in one of his planned sequels to X-Men: First Class:

“I think there would definitely be room. I think it would be a very exciting thing. This universe has to establish itself first, but that would be a very interesting and fun thing.”

Although X-Men: First Class is the first X-Men movie minus the character Wolverine, Singer is confident that the film will stand well by itself:

“It’s a completely different film. Xavier and Magneto are important characters as well. It’s just a different X-Men film. I obviously love the character, but you can’t not do it just because he’s not in it.”

The Wolverine is scheduled to be filmed with Hugh Jackman reprising his famous role, but the lack of a current director to replace Darren Aronofsky and the setting of the film (Japan) in constant turmoil, production is at a standstill.

To be released across theaters nationwide on June 3, 2011, X-Men: First Class is a prequel taking place in the 1960s, with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender starring as Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr (a.k.a. Magneto), two X-Men who began as friends and then later on became archenemies in the Marvel war between humans and mutants.