X-Men: Dark Phoenix Star Wants To Team Up With Thor In The MCU


Even though it’ll probably be some time before we actually see the X-Men integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that hasn’t stopped True Believers far and wide from pondering the possibilities. In fact, even those employed over in Tinseltown are already doing likewise.

Similar to how Nicholas Hoult would love to play Beast in an Avengers vs. X-Men crossover flick, his co-star Sophie Turner also can’t help considering what it’d be like to meet some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In fact, Rotten Tomatoes brought up this general subject while speaking with her ahead of X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘s theatrical release.

Here’s how she answered when asked which Marvel icon she’d most like to share the screen with:

“Brother Hammer. Thor. Anyone would go Thor.”

Cool as a Jean Grey-Thor scene would theoretically be, it’s important we remember how the X-Men will be rebooted when their day to join the MCU finally arrives. Still, that doesn’t mean Turner isn’t eligible to play another Marvel character for Disney. If you don’t believe me, just ask former Johnny Storms like Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan, each of whom went on to delight audiences as Captain America and Killmonger, respectively.

Having opened these floodgates, the floor is now open to discuss which other character the Game of Thrones alumnus could embody. A lot of the major players have already been claimed, sure, but there are literally thousands of characters making up Marvel’s pantheon that have yet to make their way to live action. In fact, I think she’d make a fine Hellcat (face it: Netflix shows are never actually counted as being part of the MCU), but that’s just the opinion of one man for the time being.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens in theaters this Friday, June 7th. For more, be sure to check out our review.