Yet Another Round Of Logan Clips Drums Up Excitement For Wolverine’s Last Stand

Logan is fast approaching its March 3rd due date and that can only mean one thing: 20th Century Fox’s marketing campaign is now beginning to reach its crescendo.

In the aftermath of the film’s final and suitably bleak trailer, Fox has pumped out one promo after another, each designed to trumpet Wolverine’s impending swan song. Just last week, for instance, we brought you three new TV spots for James Mangold’s hotly-anticipated threequel, which cut together a handful of never-before-seen action shots with old footage. Fast forward to today and the song remains the same; 20th Century Fox has delivered a trio of Logan spots that shed light on the gruelling journey that awaits Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier) and Dafne Keen (Laura/X-23).

Out of that threesome, it is the latter who proves instrumental throughout the course of Mangold’s dystopian adventure. Considering that Logan takes place in the year 2029, long after the last mutant was born, Keen’s Laura is viewed as something of a rarity and, sure enough, her presence attracts “dark forces” out of the shadows. Putting a face to evil, Richard E. Grant is on board to portray Dr. Zander Rice (Mr. Sinister?), and you’ll be able to see Grant’s sneering villain issue a stern warning to the jaded, bruised Wolverine down below.

On March 3rd, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold will bring the curtain down on Wolverine’s cinematic saga once and for all – until the inevitable reboot in ten years’ time, at least. It’s a project that both Mangold and Jackman have poured their heart and soul into, with the latter even accepting a pay cut to ensure Logan secured an R rating early on in development. Can the film send off Jackman’s mutant on a high note? We certainly hope so.