Yoda Rumored To Share A Scene With Rey In Star Wars: Episode IX


Whether it’s Rey’s unremarkable parents or the death (?) of Luke Skywalker, it’s fair to say that The Last Jedi kicked up quite the fuss when it released back in December. Hell, there was even that online petition demanding that Rian Johnson’s sequel be struck from Star Wars canon. Now that’s divisive.

To his credit, Johnson has been pretty forthcoming about his creative decisions, and one need only look to The Director and the Jedi, a behind-the-scenes featurette detailing the director’s journey while creating Episode VIII, for evidence of that.

But if there was one thing that most people did like about the film, it was Yoda’s scene, which came as a welcome surprise. Many assumed this would be his only appearance in the Sequel Trilogy, too, and while there’s still no word from the studio on if he’ll appear in Star Wars: Episode IX or not, a new rumor’s cropped up that claims he’ll have a role in J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster.

According to New York Daily News, Lucasfilm was happy with how successful the Yoda stuff was in The Last Jedi and are planning to bring him back again. This time, though, he’ll be helping Rey out and giving her some guidance.

“The success of the scenes featuring Yoda in The Last Jedi were huge. Yoda will again appear as a ghost as he acknowledges Rey’s success and growth as a Jedi. The scenes are due to be put together later this year.”

As always, we’d advise taking this report with a grain of salt, as it’s still early days for Episode IX and New York Daily News is hardly a very reliable source for this type of stuff. That being said, it’s not too crazy to think that Lucasfilm will indeed bring the Jedi Master back.

In fact, we could even see them having both him and Mark Hamill as Luke’s Force ghost in a scene together, perhaps visiting Daisy Ridley’s heroine. Honestly, as long as it feels natural within the narrative and they don’t just throw Yoda in for the sake of it, then we see no reason not to have the fan favorite character return for more.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, though. Next up for Lucasfilm’s juggernaut is the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th, and it’s looking prettier than everEpisode IX will then follow suit in 2019, before the Powers That Be begin devoting their attention to Rian Johnson’s all-new Star Wars trilogy, which continues to pique our curiosity with every passing interview.

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