You thought Morbin time was over but you were wrong, ‘Morbius’ is headed back to theaters

jared leto morbius wheelchair
Image via Sony

While the statement ‘critical darling’ wouldn’t be correct, internet sensation Morbius is headed back to theaters for all of the adoring fans who would prefer the authentic cinema experience to watching at home.

First reported by Exhibitor Relations Co. on Twitter, the latest Sony Marvel project will be returning to more than 1000 theaters around the United States this weekend, more than two months after it first debuted.

It’s unclear why the film is receiving this extra time in theaters given that the movie is now available digitally on VOD services, but it could be a last-ditch attempt to bolster box office earnings following the film’s meme domination.

While the beginning of its theatrical launch was plagued with negative reviews and fans pointing out the lack of interest in the movie, over the last month Morbius has grown an enormous fanbase of ironic followers taking to the internet to meme the Living Vampire. Morbius has continued to trend regularly due to the thousands of “Morb” memes being created and posted to social media.

Perhaps this new spotlight will attract fans to head out to theaters and catch the film for themselves — whether it’s ironic or not. During its run, Morbius has earnt $73.3 million at the domestic box office contributing to a worldwide total of $163 million. The film first premiered on April 1.

If you aren’t able to see the film in theaters for any reason, luckily you can purchase Morbius digitally on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play.