The MCU’s Young Avengers Team Will Reportedly Be Entirely LGBT

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

The Young Avengers have always been popular with fans due to their diverse line-up, and it seems like this is something Marvel is keen to carry over into the MCU. With the original Avengers disbanded after Endgame, now seems like the perfect time to introduce the next generation of heroes into the franchise, with all the signs pointing to the team getting their own vehicle, whether it be a movie or TV show, in Phase 4 or 5.

We don’t know too much about Marvel’s plans for the group just yet, but we have heard something rather interesting today from our sources – the same ones who told us about Taskmaster being Black Widow‘s villain and the Guardians showing up in Thor: Love and ThunderAnd that’s that apparently, the entire Young Avengers team will be LGBTQ+ in the MCU, with the line-up including Miss America, Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling and Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye.

Sources say that the move to make the whole team LGBTQ+ has been pulled from the comics. This would seem to be a reference to the Marvel Now! iteration of the gang, with 2014’s Young Avengers #15 either confirming or heavily hinting that all the members at the time were gay.

Wiccan and Hulkling are known for their long-running same-sex relationship, with America Chavez portrayed as an out lesbian. Kate is traditionally straight, but YA#15 alluded to her being bi and while Elijah Bradley AKA Patriot was not on the team in this issue, Prodigy was shown to flirt with Kid Loki. So, it’s possible Patriot could fill this role in the MCU. Remember, Kid Loki is coming soon.

In any case, we’ve heard that Ant-Man 3 could see the debut of the team, ahead of what will likely be a TV series on Disney Plus. And while there’s no firm casting news on any of the Young Avengers roles just yet, we imagine that’s just around the corner now.