New Rumor Claims Disney Is Trying To Get SJWs Out Of The Company

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There exists another world in parallel with our own. A strange world where up is down, cats are dogs and you put sugar rather than salt on your fries. I’m talking of the alternative reality conjured up by young conservative men unhappy that they’ve been abandoned by popular culture. One of the most prominent is Overlord Doomcock, who spends an impressive amount of time delivering ‘inside information’ about Disney that almost always turns out to be wrong.

His latest video is another interesting one, if only for how absurd it all sounds. According to his source: “sh*t is about to hit the fan at Disney. I am being told that getting the SJWs out of Disney is priority one.” The story goes that the Mouse House has adopted the right’s “get woke, go broke” thinking and are about to change course to maximize profits.

Of course, that doesn’t really make sense given that the films that Disney’s critics generally consider ‘woke’ – stuff like Captain Marvel, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Frozen 2  – have each grossed over one billion dollars at the box office. Indeed, since Disney started their Bob Iger instigated policies of social inclusion in the early 2010s (policies like promoting gay characters in movies, including more female protagonists and aiming for diverse behind-the-scenes talent), the company’s net profits have tripled.

But hey, at least these sweeping changes will mean that male characters will be treated with dignity. As Doomcock trumpets:

“The Lucasfilm Story Group will no longer be empowered to humiliate Luke Skywalker to strike a blow against the patriarchy. No more will Nick Fury be humiliated by having a pet cat take out his eye.”

You know, I get it. I’ve read the comments on Doomcock’s videos and many of his followers seem to accept that this is wishful thinking – a window into a reality they’d like to live in but don’t. So, let’s let them have their fun and let their fevered imaginations run wild. I mean, at least it’s keeping them occupied, right?