Does Zac Efron Have A Role In The New Halloween?


It’s been an exciting day for Halloween fans. Not only is it the aforementioned holiday today, but the upcoming entry into John Carpenter’s iconic franchise is getting a good deal of attention, too. Set to be directed by David Gordon Green and starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer, 2018’s Halloween has sparked to life in a big way recently and that continues today, with some exciting new updates.

First, Curtis shared an awesome photo of her and the one and only Michael Myers. It wasn’t a pic from the film itself, but rather, a cheeky teaser designed to put a smile on the faces of fans – which it most definitely did. It doesn’t end there, though, as Zac Efron also took to social media today to share a photo that’s starting to cause quite a stir – as it sees him and Curtis together with the caption: On Michael Myers patrol. #JamieLeeCurtis #BiggestFan #HappyHalloween

Of course, everyone took this to mean that the Baywatch star has a role in Halloween, and while that very well may be the case, it’s important to note that Bloody Disgusting has since shot down those rumors. Taking to Twitter, the outlet Tweeted the following in response to Screen Rant’s original story on Efron’s pic: 100% untrue. Great reporting.

Granted, BD isn’t exactly an official source, but they do have a pretty solid track record and we’re inclined to believe them. Then again, why would Zac Efron Tweet the above photo if he’s not involved with the project? Could he just be teasing fans and having some Halloween fun? It’s possible, but at this stage, we don’t have any kind of firm answer one way or another.

What we can tell you with absolute certainty, however, is that Halloween is set to slash its way into theatres on October 19th, 2018 – a release date which producer Jason Blum swears by. As for the Efron situation, we’ll be sure to let you know should anything else arise.