Zac Efron And Seth Rogen Do Battle In Neighbors Red Band Trailer


Is there really anything worse than having an awful neighbor? Imagine knowing that day after day unless one of you decides to move, that for the indeterminate future, this worthless sack of human flesh will inhabit their share of property right next to yours. A nightmare scenario for some, but a sad reality for many. So like any good comedian, Seth Rogen takes a painful situation and makes light of it in his newest flick, aptly titled Neighbors.

It’s only been a few month since we last saw Hollywood’s leading curly haired funny man make due with the rapture, the apocalypse, and his Hollywood hombres, in the unapolegetically meta This is the End. Now, he’s back at it again with a not so family friendly follow-up to his big budget comedy-horror film. And while he may have been dodging demons the last time we saw him, this time his foes are so much worse: frat Boys.

In the film, which has a tentative release date of May 19, 2014, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play new parents whose lives are about to get turned upside down when a Fraternity moves in next door, led by none other then  Zac Efron.  Sex, booze, babies chewing on terrible things, and airbags are just a few of the things this upcoming comedy promises to have.

The red band trailer for Rogen’s newest movie is chock full of the type of humor that has made the actor a household name. Presented here are gross-out gags a plenty, pop culture references, awkward exchanges, and good old fashioned slapstick comedy, with a heavy emphasis on slap. It all looks very humorous and if you’re a fan of Rogen, this film should be right up your alley.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of Neighbors in the comments section!