Is Zac Efron Still In The Mix For Star Wars: Episode VII?


It’s no secret that Zac Efron has met with producers for Star Wars: Episode VII. In fact, the actor confirmed it not too long ago. While it likely didn’t mean much, as nearly every young star in Hollywood has taken a meeting for the highly-anticipated film, we’re now hearing that Efron might still be in the mix for a role.

While speaking to 5 News at the UK press day for his new movie, Neighbors (which our very own Matt Donato reviewed and loved), the actor said that there’s still “irons in the fire” when asked whether he’d be showing up in Star Wars: Episode VII or not. Of course, that means very little and isn’t in any way, shape or form an official confirmation. That being said, the fact that he isn’t downright denying it may be a hint that he’s still involved somehow.

Personally, I’m all for this. I know that Zac Efron is still not considered a legitimate actor in some circles, but after seeing him in films like Parkland, Neighbors and That Awkward Moment, I’m completely convinced of his talents and I think that he’s doing an excellent job of re-inventing his image and career. A role in Star Wars: Episode VII would give him even more credibility and I think he’d be a very welcome addition to the cast. Perhaps not in one of the lead roles, but maybe in a more comedic, light-hearted supporting part?

Check out the video of Efron talking about Star Wars: Episode VII below and let us know if you’d like to see him in the film.