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Zack Snyder Reveals Justice League Originally Included An Atom Cameo

Over on Vero, Justice League director Zack Snyder has confirmed he had originally included a cameo for Ryan Choi/Atom, only for it to be cut.

Love him or loathe him, or even if you’re somewhat indifferent to his cinematic oeuvre, Zack Snyder is among the best in his class when it comes to visual filmmaking.

From Watchmen to 300, Man of Steel to Dawn of Justice, there’s no denying that Snyder’s cinematography is easy on the eyes, even if the copious amounts of CGI tend to be a little overwhelming.

Such was the case with Justice League, which ultimately disappointed on so many levels. Some of those faults can be traced back to Snyder, of course, but between Joss Whedon coming on board at the 11th hour and Warner Bros. slapping a two-hour mandate on its epic DC crossover, it’s likely that the Justice League theatrical cut is pretty different from the one Zack Snyder had envisioned.

But before we fall down a digital rabbit hole of Internet conspiracies and online petitions, the man himself has announced that he had initially planned for an Atom cameo in his superhero ensemble piece, as the Asian scientist standing next to Silas Stone (Joe Morton) down below is none other than Ryan Choi himself.

As any comic book reader will tell you, Ryan Choi was one of the few people capable of wielding the mantle of Atom, so the fact that Zack Snyder made a brief and subtle reference to Atom tells us that he had hoped to bring another DC favorite into this wider film universe at some point in the future.

Whether those plans ever come to fruition is another question entirely, as Snyder is ostensibly finished with Worlds of DC – ditto for Henry Cavill – now that Warner Bros. is in the process of overhauling and indeed reconfiguring its prized franchise in a post-Justice League world.

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