Zack Snyder Shares BTS Image Of Jason Momoa’s First Aquaman Shot


I don’t know what’s been up with Zack Snyder as of late, but the guy sure has been enjoying sharing all kinds of interesting trivia pertaining to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in recent memory. Sometimes, he may provide answers regarding things that have puzzled moviegoers for the past couple years, or he may declassify some cool pictures. Either way, he’s doing a fine job of keeping DC fans engaged.

When it comes to the topic of today’s discussion, it’s actually yet another picture, but it deals with a hero who debuted in BvS, that being Aquaman. Sure, Arthur Curry may have had only a quick cameo, but at least we got some of the first action figures immortalizing this iteration of the character out of the deal, right?

Thinking back, it’s hard to forget when the first image of Jason Momoa in full regalia was released. I’d woken up early that morning to find that the photo had been dropped during the wee hours of the night. To my delight, he looked positively badass, a quality needed to shift the mainstream away from their idea that Aquaman was merely some wimp riding around on a seahorse.

Interestingly enough, Snyder has taken us back to that moment in time now, again using his social media platform of choice, Vero. Allowing us to see what it’s like for those on the other side of the camera, we’re given insight into the photo shoot that started it all.

In the time since, Momoa has gone on to reprise his role in Justice League, where I found his character to be a real show-stealer. Of course, any momentum gained will be carried over to his first solo outing, which has been described being “epic and fun” by the earliest to have seen footage.

We’ll find out for ourselves if that’s the case or not when Aquaman opens in theaters on December 21st.

Source: Vero