Zack Snyder Confirms Cyborg Easter Egg In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


The farther we stray from a Zack Snyder cut, the deeper into the rabbit hole he takes us. A couple of days ago, Cyborg himself (Ray Fisher) and Snyder deluded fans hoping for a director’s cut of Justice League even further by posting an image from Victor Stone’s primarily trimmed football sequence, with the caption “Believe.”

In keeping with his seemingly daily tradition of teasing DC enthusiasts with what could’ve been and will probably never be, Snyder took to social media once again earlier this week to clarify the somewhat significant meaning behind one of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s more critiqued plot points. Clearly, the director had mapped out the supergroup’s trajectory long before any of us had a clue of what was to come and suffice it to say, he hasn’t been given his due credit.

Case in point: Remember that sports story Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) was supposed to cover in Batman V Superman? Well, I sure didn’t. Apparently, though, when a Twitter user posted the same still from Stone’s aforementioned deleted scene and captioned it with the following dialogue from Dawn of Justice, “Underdog Dreams Dashed – 10 Yards Between Gotham and Glory,” Snyder cheekily responded, “someone is paying attention.”

Check out the interaction between fan and director below:

Yes, you’ve deduced it correctly. The sports story Kent was supposed to cover in Batman V Superman was actually about Victor Stone’s football career before he became Cyborg. This Easter egg is mostly useless now, seeing as Zack Snyder will probably never helm a feature for DC again, but one can’t help wonder what other tidbits the director hid for us in his hugely divisive film.

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