Zack Snyder Confirms Cyborg Origin And Teases Big Plans For Justice League


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has left us with a long list of unanswered questions, but now at least one of them have been addressed by Justice League director Zack Snyder. The camera footage we see of Vic Stone undergoing the transformation into Cyborg featured a device which looked like an awful lot like a Mother Box, and it turns out that it was.

“That’s the first glimpse of the Mother Box there. It was an agonizing birth,” said Snyder.

For those of you unfamiliar with the comic books, Mother Boxes are used by the New Gods for various purposes and are an item closely associated with the villainous Darkseid. In the comics, Cyborg is able to harness the powers of one in order to teleport the Justice League through Boom Tubes and to access information about alien threats.

The filmmaker then went on to address the role Cyborg will play in Justice League, and it sounds like we should expect to see him undergo quite the transformation.

“I really wanted to show Cyborg’s birth because I feel like he plays such a strong part coming up, and I really wanted to give a sense of him. I really want [the audience] to know how far he’s come.”

It definitely sounds like the Cyborg we meet in Justice League will be a lot more advanced then, but where will the character’s actual origin story be explored? His planned solo movie is still a very long way away, and while flashbacks are a possibility, it could be that this something we’ll see addressed in the planned Ultimate Cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Blu-ray.