Zack Snyder Confirms That Bruce Designed Flash’s Knightmare Costume In Batman V Superman


The Knightmare sequences from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were pure comic book goodness. Presented without explanation, they showed an apocalyptic future where everything was really dusty, the remaining heroes were desperate and a tyrannical Superman ruled the world. In addition, we got to see an armored Flash dramatically emerging from a boom tube to warn Batman that Lois Lane was the key and that he was right about Superman.

With Zack Snyder now booted from the DCEU, none of this is ever going to be resolved, which is a shame, as I’d have loved to see how he would have brought Darkseid to the big screen. But one little detail that fans have speculated on for a while has now been confirmed by the director on Vero. This came when someone said that he was sure that Bruce had made the Flash’s future mech suit, as it looks very similar to the mech Batsuit from the climax of Batman V Superman.

Snyder quickly confirmed that this was indeed the case, going on to explain that he “felt he needed optional face shield so he could smash through stuff without destroying his human face” and that he “had to beef him up to jump him back only cyborg could do that math.”

Honestly, it’s a bit depressing that so much thought had gone into these Knightmare versions of the characters that we’ll never get to see outside of the director describing them. It also just makes me hungry for the Snyder cut of Justice LeagueWhile I’m not the biggest fan of Batman V Superman, it was at least an interestingly flawed movie, as opposed to the blander than bland dullness that Justice League turned out to be.

Would Zack’s version have been groundbreaking? Probably not, but I’d still have loved to see his original vision. I guess I’m just happy he’s so open with the fans on social media.