Zack Snyder Did Indeed Direct Justice League’s Post-Credits Scene


Although it may sometimes seem clear-cut, it’s not always easy to distinguish which footage that made it into Justice League‘s theatrical release was directed by Zack Snyder or Joss Whedon. Still, there are easy ways to tell in some instances: If it’s a stylishly shot action sequence that’s been around since the first trailer or two, it’s Snyder; if Henry Cavill’s mustache is digitally removed or if the Flash gives an awkward speech about brunch, it’s Whedon.

But one particular part in the movie is igniting some debate as of late, that being the post-credits sequence which saw a maritime rendezvous between Lex Luthor and Deathstroke take place. At the heart of this was a video made by cinematographer Simon Firsht, which led people to believe that Whedon shot the stinger.

Well, thanks to a new picture of Slade Wilson making its rounds, it seems we now have our answer. Originally posted by Zack Snyder and then Tweeted by DC Films Hub, the latter’s post says the auteur confirms “he shot the Lex scene,” to which Joe Manganiello replied, “he did.”

If anyone knows who shot which scenes, it’s most assuredly the actors who featured in the picture. On top of that, Manganiello soon posted the picture for himself, captioning it with “my meeting with Lex” and tagging Snyder. You can see both examples in the gallery below.

Now that we can most likely put this one to bed, we can continue wondering when and if we’ll see Deathstroke and Lex again. With Justice League not having met financial expectations at the box office, it’d make little sense to release a sequel anytime soon.

Still, Manganiello is too perfect for the role of Slade, so we hope to see him in another movie before long. Fingers crossed, eh?

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