Zack Snyder Elaborates On Why He’s Chosen This Iteration Of The Justice League


While Green Lantern is being kept on the shelf for the time being (likely to put as much distance as possible between his first movie and eventual return), the big screen version of the Justice League is otherwise identical to the roster we’ve seen in the comics books ever since “The New 52” relaunch back in 2011.

Up until now, the majority of fans have assumed that the roster was essentially decided upon on a corporate level; after all, keeping the team the same as the comics makes it a lot easier to shift merchandise across all platforms and no doubt ensures that it’s easier for people to recognize who and what the Justice League are.

During a recent interview, however, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder had this to say about assembling the team:

“I thought long and hard about who to bring in, like who the Justice League would be made up of, and to me those are the heavy hitters right now. Of course, there’s room for some more, and I absolutely had to keep some back for the next little shock of awesomeness. Those guys felt like the guys who needed to surface.”

It definitely sounds like we could see some other heroes added to the team then, and with Mera already confirmed as appearing and rumours about Black Canary showing up, Snyder could very well have some surprises up his sleeve for fans to look forward to.

With production on Justice League beginning next month, we’ll hopefully hear more in the near future.