Zack Snyder Finally Explains That Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Plot Hole


Two years after it came out, fans are still picking apart Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and uncovering things they hadn’t previously noticed about it. The handy thing for DC lovers is that director Zack Snyder often replies to them on social media site Vero, and the latest example of this saw him clear up a plot hole that’d been bugging fans of the movie for a while now.

As you know, the titular battle between Bats and Supes hinges on Lex Luthor’s scheme to kidnap Martha Kent and force Clark to go fight the Dark Knight in exchange for her safety. The thing is, though, why couldn’t Superman have just used his super-hearing to locate where his mother was being kept and rescue her himself?

A deleted scene, it seems, was going to offer an explanation for this. One fan shared an image of Henry Cavill hefted up in the sky by wires on location and wondered if this was a BTS shot of the moment that would have explained why Supes didn’t use his hearing. Snyder replied, revealing that this wasn’t from that scene, as the deleted sequence being referred to would have been completed with CGI.

The filmmaker also clarified what the scene would have contained, saying:

“It is a green screen shot. He flies up above the city and hovers. The camera begins to rotate around him as he hears the Cries of citywide crime going on and as we get closer, he is in pain because he knows if he try’s to find her this way, he will have to ignore the countless crimes going on in the two cities and the world.”

Some fans might claim that Superman’s usually able to filter out all the noise he hears, which could have allowed him to focus in on his mother’s cries without ignoring the pain of others. However, this makes sense for Snyder’s Superman as firstly, he’s a very troubled, conflicted soul and secondly, he doesn’t have all his typical powers yet (he only gets his freeze breath in Justice League, for example).

For us, it’s a good enough explanation, but do you think this is a satisfying answer to that apparent plot hole in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? And is there anything else you’re still wondering about? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.