Zack Snyder Hints At A Deeper Meaning In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s Ending


In lieu of the fabled Snyder cut, DC fans continue to scrabble for information on what director Zack Snyder’s original vision for Justice League was like. The man himself is proving to be an invaluable asset, too. Though he tends not to say much, the filmmaker regularly replies to fans who want to know more about the meanings behind his movies on Vero and now, he’s given us more to ponder about the ending of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

You no doubt remember the final shot of the movie. As we gaze at Clark Kent’s still coffin, the earth above it begins to tremble, which is the smallest hint that the Man of Steel’s not dead for good and will soon be resurrected in Justice League. That did indeed happen, but in the Frankenstein’s monster of a movie that arrived in cinemas, the Superfriends brought him back with the help of a Mother Box.

We’re left to wonder, then, what did the levitating earth mean if Supes wasn’t going to come back on his own? Unless he was going to resurrect himself in Snyder’s version of Justice League? While we can’t say for sure that was the plan, the director has told us there was definitely supposed to be more significance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s final shot. When a fan voiced their confusion over the issue on Vero, Snyder agreed, saying that it was supposed to mean “more, much much more.”

But will we ever get to discover the deeper meaning by seeing the Snyder Cut of Justice League? Well, the crew maintain that it exists somewhere, but it seems doubtful that Warner Bros. will make it public anytime soon, though if they were smart they’d release it on the newly-launch DC Universe streaming service.

As for Snyder returning to the fold, Ray Fisher wants him to come back and direct a Cyborg movie, but we wouldn’t hold our breath for that to happen, as it seems the director’s time in the franchise is truly at an end.

Source: Reddit

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