Zack Snyder Gives Man Of Steel’s Lex Luthor An Interesting Description

Lex Luthor

With a Man Of Steel sequel on the fast-track, it’s time for speculation to start swirling in regards to what Zack Snyder’s second Superman story is going to involve. While there hasn’t been anything remotely reminiscent of confirmation about the next film’s villain, many assume that Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor will appear at some point, even if he isn’t the film’s main antagonist. Snyder has definitely been thinking about what he wants to do with Luthor, and in an a recent interview he described his universe’s Luthor as a combination of “Richard Branson and Brad Pitt.”

That response is an interesting one to say the least. The first thing that jumps out about those two men is neither of them share the traditionally clean-shaven look Luthor is famous for. In fact, both Branson and Pitt have really great long hair, especially for men their ages. So does this mean Luthor will have luscious locks? I wouldn’t put it past Snyder, and it would fit in with the modern business world much better than the traditional intimidating bald look, but perhaps Snyder was more focused on personality and achievements than hair.

He could just mean that Luthor is a suave, attractive businessman, who is known for being adventurous as well as popular with the ladies. Making Luthor that well-liked and well-known would certainly add an extra dimension to his battles with Superman. And we’ve seen through some of the Easter Eggs Snyder planted in Man Of Steel that Lexcorp is already a booming company, so Luthor at least has the successful businessman bit down.

Or maybe this is simply Snyder’s attempt to get Man Of Steel 2 to be financed by Branson and to star Pitt. Brad Pitt as Lex Luthor? And who knows, with Branson’s budget maybe they could actually film in outer space. Now that’s something to think about.