Zack Snyder Names Next Candidate For An Army Of The Dead Spinoff

army of thieves

Ahead of its Netflix release tomorrow, Zack Snyder has been hitting the promotional trail for Army of Thieves, the second chapter and first spinoff from the filmmaker’s Army of the Dead, where he’s been dropping all sorts of tidbits about the future of the undead franchise.

As well as confirming that he’s rolling with Planet of the Dead as the title of the sequel, Snyder has additionally been hinting at what comes next from the streaming service’s latest in-house multimedia universe. A spinoff from a spinoff may sound creatively bankrupt on paper, but in a new interview with CBR, the Justice League director revealed which Army of Thieves character he’d like to see take center stage in their own project.

“The one thing that you have in Army of Thieves, which I think share some of the DNA of Army of the Dead, is that you do get these kind of glimpses into who they were. These big sort of sequences where we get these flashbacks into kind of how they got their skill set, or whatever. I love those asides in movies and Matthias did such a great job with those kind of little visual haikus about the different members of the team. Snyder continued, “But yeah, I think the one that’s kind of the most ambiguous is Guz’s flashbacks. I feel like, there’s something more there, but of course, who knows. Maybe Guz. Rolph’s cool, like, he’s English. Clearly, he’s from England. And now he’s in Europe. Why? Why is he? What brought him?”

Director and star Matthias Schweighöfer was fully in agreement, seconding Snyder’s belief that Guz Khan’s Rolph has plenty of potential to take top billing in whatever genre the Army of the Dead mythology decides to tackle next.

“To be honest, I thought the same. Guzzy is, like, this is interesting. His character, in a way, is so weird and funny. And most of the time, you cannot understand him when he’s talking fast and Rolph is a cool character. I have to say, I go with Zack.”

Fans will be able to find out whether or not they share that sentiment in less than 24 hours when Army of Thieves arrives, and it’s already enjoying a slightly warmer critical response than its predecessor, which stands the heist caper in good stead to be the first of many offshoots.