Zack Snyder Teases The Introduction Of More Obscure DC Characters In Justice League

Booster Gold Blue Beetle

When Warner Brothers announced their upcoming slate of DC Comics films earlier this month, it became apparent that the studio (and director Zack Snyder) would be populating the burgeoning DC Cinematic Universe with household names, namely Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern, along with well established and popular characters like Shazam and Cyborg. However, that doesn’t mean that more obscure heroes won’t be making their way to the big screen, something that Snyder himself confirmed today.

The director called into a local Detroit radio station, first and foremost to thank the city for its hospitality and for all of the support that its citizens have shown Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He also gave a little hint about the future Justice League roster, and suggested that we could see some relatively unknown characters join the fray:

“As we add to the Justice League we bring in some of the more obscure [characters], like Blue Beetle or something.”

Snyder is known for his devotion to comic book lore, and from what we know so far, Batman V Superman is going to blow the DCCU wide open. As heroes like Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman begin to come into the spotlight, it’s possible that second-tier characters like Blue Beetle or even some Justice League staples like Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl could make their big screen debuts as well. I could easily see them showing up not just in Snyder’s two Justice League pics, but in smaller roles in other films also, similar to the way Marvel has utilized characters like Black Widow and Nick Fury.

Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 10th, 2017. As of right now, it features Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, and Ezra Miller as The Flash.