Zack Snyder Offers A Closer Look At Knightmare Batman


While we patiently await the arrival of Ben Affleck’s solo venture into onscreen vigilantism with The Batman, it doesn’t hurt to keep the discussion going on superhero films that arrived in theaters this year.

Apparently, Zack Snyder agrees with that sentiment. Having recently developed an affinity for the new social media platform Vero, the director shared some looks at shooting locales for his upcoming film, Justice League. His latest treat comes in the form of a closer look at one of the more memorable moments from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Many of you no doubt remember the infamous “Knightmare” scene (check out the video embedded at the top if you need a refresher) that saw Batman have a rather portentous vision of the future, displaying a world laid waste by Parademons that is now home to fire pits and a renegade Superman. Although it left those who don’t read comic books completely dumbfounded and would have functioned better as a mid-credits scene, it was pretty cool nonetheless, especially if you’re a big fan of Darkseid like myself.

This new image offers an up close look at this atypical, almost Elseworlds-like Batman costume designed for post-apocalyptic warfare. Not only that, but the Joker card affixed to Batman’s gun is on full display, a detail that many likely missed while watching the film.

Should any more Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice goodies hit the web courtesy of Snyder and company, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review of the Ultimate Edition on Blu-Ray.