Zack Snyder May Have Had Plans For Supergirl


As many times as Superman has appeared on the big screen, we’ve yet to see his “family” of characters branch out in the way they have on TV and in comics. Well, Supergirl almost did appear in Superman III at a time preceding when that particular film was rewritten around Richard Pryor before receiving a solo outing of her own starring Helen Slater back in the 1980’s, but that was the full extent. On the plus side, though, the Girl of Steel has been impressing us on The CW in recent years.

Well, actually, there had been a backdoor of sorts created for Kara Zor-El’s introduction into the DC Extended Universe via a prequel comic released in conjunction with 2013’s Man of Steel, but nothing has really come of it since. Still, there are a fair amount of moviegoers clamoring for the Maiden of Might.

Now, thanks to Reddit, we have screenshots showing a recent exchange that director Zack Snyder had with some fans on the social media platform Vero, which you can check out in the accompanying gallery. And in that conversation, said devotees tried to grill the auteur for information regarding Supergirl’s place in the DCEU.

Here, give it a look:

As you can see, Snyder is somewhat dodgy, perhaps because the folks at Warner Bros. could still want to utilize whatever way he intended on bringing in Kara at some point down the line. Regardless, his response of “there’s another way to get to her that we put right in plain sight,” suggests that maybe the empty pod on the Kryptonian ship was a fake-out of sorts and there’s an Easter egg we’ve yet to discover.

But where Supergirl would’ve been formally introduced remains a mystery. Not long ago, it was said that Man of Steel was meant to be the start of a five-part Superman arc, so perhaps Snyder’s original vision for Man of Steel 2 would’ve served that purpose? Either way, it’s expected that another director helm said sequel if it ever gets off the ground, so it’s probably safe to assume that whatever has been discussed will be scrapped.

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