Did Zack Snyder Already Reveal The Plot Of Aquaman?


Having let storyboard artist Jay Oliva snag the spotlight during what’s been an abnormal lull in activity for the DCEU founding father, Zack Snyder’s returned to play the role of spoiler. Although surprisingly, the Saturn Award winner isn’t targeting his usual victim, Justice League. This time around, Zack took aim at the sole DCEU entry scheduled for release in 2018, Aquaman.

Late last week, director James Wan confirmed via Twitter that the first trailer for the pic would finally see the light of day during San Diego Comic-Con next month. Apart from the announcement, however, specifics on the subaquatic superhero feature have understandably been few and far between. Thankfully, then, Zack’s here to change all that.

It would appear that Snyder has the ability of foresight, as he might’ve divulged the plot of Aquaman nearly a year and a half ago – at least according to one eagle-eyed DC fan. If you recall, an old Justice League poster featured Arthur Curry with text overlay that read “Unite The Seven.” Now, at the time, many assumed it was in reference to the titular supergroup, but how could it, as there were only six members?

Well, Twitter user @SindarOath has found comic book evidence supporting his theory that “Unite The Seven” is actually referring to Aquaman’s attempt at uniting the Seven Great Cities of Atlantis.

“What if Zack teased the plot of the Aquaman movie that far back? Could he have?” asked the fan. “What if Aquaman is trying to Unite The Seven Great Cities of Atlantis to help stand against Darkseid’s forces? Makes perfect sense. It makes PERFECT sense as to why Zack Snyder went with Peter David’s Aquaman. It would make sense to take the plot too.”

“Tritonis and Poseidonis are the largest cities, but there are 5 lost cities that have their own distinct civilizations. I would LOVE this. I’m just gonna say this now so I can come back later and bask in my prophecy. Botan. Seven Cities of Atlantis. Aquaman solo. Calling it,” @SindarOath wrote.

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Also, if that wasn’t enough, Wan’s own description of the movie lines up with this as well, as he’s described it as a “swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.” And guess what Arthur Curry travels with in this particular storyline? A ship.

Not to mention that as ComicBook.com points out, “it also makes sense when you think about Snyder’s previous DC plan, which had Darkseid involved for the Justice League sequel. Uniting all of the underwater kingdoms would have been a critical part of pushing Darkseid and his armies back.”

While he’s typically off on Vero running through his 2016 blockbuster Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with a fine-tooth comb, it truly does seem like Snyder could’ve been alluding to the plot of Aquaman here back when he still had creative control over the shared cinematic universe.

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