Zack Snyder Reflects On Man Of Steel: “If You’re A Comic Book Fan, You Know That I Didn’t Change Superman”


Appearing on the Hall of Justice podcast, where he also touched base on how the Justice League characters will filter into Dawn of Justice, director Zack Snyder has reflected on his divisive 2013 blockbuster, Man of Steel.

Specifically, the filmmaker addressed criticism that his interpretation of the Last Son of Krypton was arguably much darker than what fans have become accustomed to. However, Snyder stated simply that “if you’re a comic book fan, you know that I didn’t change Superman.”


While the vast majority of the interview revolved around Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – which is now reportedly 99.9% complete – Snyder also took time to circle back to the one film that started it all.

“I knew that we were really updating a beloved character. I don’t think ‘changing him’ — People are always like ‘you changed Superman.’ If you’re a comic book fan, you know that I didn’t change Superman,” says Snyder. “If you know the true canon, you know that I didn’t change Superman. If you’re a fan of the old movies, yeah, I changed him a bit.”

“I feel like I tried to create a Superman that would set a tone for the world,” he continued, going on to say that he feels that the DC movies will be faithful to their comic book incarnations. “My point is that, if you know anything about the actual characters… what we’ve done is create a place where they can really be the mythological characters as designed in the comic books. If you’re a fan of them in the comic books, you’ll get a great opportunity to see what they look like, and how they move, [that] they’re real.”

To make way for the DC Expanded Universe, any plans for a direct Man of Steel sequel appeared to have been placed on the back-burner. Henry Cavill will next don the famous red cape for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25.

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