Is Zack Snyder Trying To Distance Himself From Justice League?


Earlier this year, we learned that Zack Snyder was stepping down as the director of Justice League due to a family tragedy. In his place came The Avengers‘ Joss Whedon, who was reportedly in charge of the movie’s reshoots, which he had also written himself. As time’s gone on though, it’s become pretty clear that Whedon is getting more and more control of the project. DC execs have even called him “a big part” of the DCEU, reminding us that the director also has Batgirl movie in production.

Has Whedon’s role on Justice League grown to the extent that it’s now being seen by those in the know as his film and not Snyder’s, though? That’s what fans are theorizing due to the fact that Zack Snyder removed his Justice League display picture and header from his Twitter account this week. Now, this could mean nothing at all. The director might just have decided that as he’s not currently an active part of the production, he should update his profile to reflect that.

Then again, the fact that Snyder would be so keen to remove all mention of Justice League from his account does suggest that he wants to wash his hands of the project. Though he was behind the camera for most of the shoot, Warner Bros. and Whedon could have decided to edit the film in a different direction than what his original vision was, leaving Snyder angry and feeling like it’s not even his movie anymore.

Again, this is all speculation and we’ll probably never find out for sure if there’s any behind the scenes drama going on here. What we do know is that we’ll be seeing more from Justice League at this weekend’s SDCC, before its arrival in cinemas on November 17th.