Zack Snyder Reportedly Eyed To Direct Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 1984

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is still widely regarded as the best movie to ever come out of the DCEU, one that turned Gal Gadot into a superstar by putting her front and center in a World War I superhero epic that was packed full of hope, optimism and a couple of standout action sequences, with the emotional core of the story driven by the winning chemistry between Gadot and co-star Chris Pine.

Expectations were sky high for the sequel, then, and the buzz continued to rise steadily after Wonder Woman 1984 was subjected to countless delays, but when it finally arrived… it wasn’t great. It did draw in a massive amount of viewers on HBO Max, but reviews were mixed to put it lightly, with the frequent and very large plot holes coming in for particular criticism, not to mention the bizarre plot device that saw an innocent man’s consciousness banished to purgatory so Diana Prince and Steve Trevor could get it on.

Despite being greeted by a mixture of disappointment and mild backlash – although there were plenty of people who enjoyed it immensely – Wonder Woman 3 was announced just a couple of days later, with Gadot and Jenkins signed on to return. However, insider Grace Randolph has now claimed that some Warner Bros. execs are eyeing Zack Snyder to direct instead, which seems pretty unlikely to happen if we’re being honest.

After all, Jenkins has already inked a contract, so if she was to be dropped, then she’d have to be paid off, and after netting a reported $20 million for 1984, that would be an expensive move by the studio. Snyder hasn’t given any indication that he even plans to stick around the DCEU after Justice League, either, and as much as some folks disliked the most recent Wonder Woman movie, let’s not forget that when Snyder last tackled a female-driven effects-heavy fantasy, we got Sucker Punch.