Zack Snyder Reveals Which Hero Has The Advantage In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


It’s an age old argument among comic book fans; who should win in a fight between Batman and Superman? There are those that believe Batman – despite having no superpowers – has the advantage because he’s smarter, while others maintain that Superman could wipe the Caped Crusader away with a single blast of his heat vision.

However, it’s the fact that Superman would never actually do that which gives Batman the advantage, a sentiment echoed by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder in a recent interview.

“The advantage that Batman has is the goodness of Superman. The compliance to fair lay that Superman has…Batman knows how to exploit Superman.”

In other words, Batman fights dirty, and he’ll be doing so in Batman V Superman with the use of an armoured suit, which rumour has it is laced with Kryptonite to even the playing field between the two heroes. Despite the fact that we’ve seen that costume on display at Comic-Con, Ben Affleck has made a surprising admission about the version which is set to be in the movie – it’s 100% CGI.

After describing the feeling of wearing a motion capture costume on the set of Batman V Superman as “the most humiliating, ridiculous thing in the world,” the actor added:

“You can move freely, and they put [the suit] on digitally. It’s a little bit more humiliating to wear, but it’s easier for the digital effects guys. You can see who the priority is…”

That last part was a joke, but you can imagine just how much this has taken Affleck out of his comfort zone. Don’t worry about Batman V Superman looking too much like a cartoon though; remember that General Zod’s armoured suit in Man of Steel was also CGI and that looked great. Special effects have obviously advanced a lot since then, and the fact no one knew the armoured Batsuit was CGI before these comments from Affleck certainly says a lot.