Zack Snyder Rumored To Be Completing His Justice League Cut By Himself


By now, I think many journalists are waking up in cold sweat during the middle of the night shouting “Snyder cut!” simply because we’ve written so much about something we can’t be too sure of ever seeing the light of day. All jests aside though, I, for one, would love to see what could’ve been had Joss Whedon not been brought aboard to revamp Justice League.

So, despite Zack Snyder’s vision technically not being able to find realization due to studio interference from the time cameras began rolling, every piece of footage he shot is indeed lying around somewhere. And on a day when a photo of Superman supposedly produced during the auteur’s time spent overseeing the team-up flick makes its rounds online, the latest bit of chatter couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

As you may remember, there was a rumor circulating not long ago alleging that Warner Bros. would allow for the Snyder cut to be released if he foots the bill, something that aligns with an article just published by Revenge of the Fans’ Mario-Francisco Robles.

Keep in mind, this is something Robles is hearing “growing murmurs” regarding, and that it hasn’t come down through any official channels, but both he and I think it’s worth mentioning.

“It seems like, over the course of the last seven months or so, Snyder has been working on it himself,” says Robles. “Word on the street is that he’s not only been quietly tinkering and pushing it closer to completion, but that he’s actually close to announcing it (with a trailer and all!). The big hang-up, though, are the discussions he’s having with Warner Bros.”

Conversely, WB is said to oppose its release because it’d merely confuse the masses at this point, and because they want to move the DC Extended Universe forward, rather than keeping their feet firmly in the past. Long story short, both sides would have to come to an agreement in order to make the Snyder cut a reality.

Logistics notwithstanding, let’s hope it doesn’t take 25 years for this iteration of Justice League to be released on home video, as was the case with Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. After all, Darkseid may rule our planet by then.