Zack Snyder Says His DCEU Plans Would’ve Been Way Better Than Flashpoint

Zack Snyder and the Justice League

The “Flashpoint” storyline explores a bizarre alternative DC Universe where Thomas Wayne’s Batman, Superman’s a lab-rat in the custody of the US government and a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman has devastated much of Europe. Meanwhile, in an alternative version of our universe, we’re eagerly anticipating Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2, in which our heroes would be doing battle with Darkseid as Apokalips invades Earth.

The director’s plans for a multi-film DCEU arc have been pretty well laid out by now, with the story begun in Man of Steel originally supposed to conclude in bombastic fashion a few sequels after Justice League. Sadly, however, Warner Bros. executives just had to stick their meddling fingers in and screw up the film so badly that it was DOA.

Now, a fan’s asked Snyder about his further plans beyond Darkseid, including whether he would have guided the cinematic universe towards Flashpoint. After all, this prospect was on the cards for a very long time, with the solo Flash film set to adapt the popular storyline. The focus of that movie’s since been changed to a smaller scale tale that apparently takes influence from Back to the Future and won’t see release until 2021 – though I’ll be surprised if it comes out at all.

Anyways, in reply to the question, the director had a very simple answer, sayin that what he’d planned would have been “better” than Flashpoint. What a tease!

With no progress on the Snyder cut of Justice League getting an official release, it seems as though his cryptic hints about his plans on social media are all we have to go on as we continue to try and work out what could’ve been. Right now, my ideal situation would be for DC to give Snyder a limited miniseries in order to tell the gargantuan story he clearly has planned out, but that seems highly unlikely and for the foreseeable future at least, it doesn’t look like the director will be getting the chance to work with any of these iconic characters again.