Zack Snyder Says First Look At Sci-Fi Epic Rebel Moon Is Coming Soon

zack snyder

When it comes to making the most of his newfound working relationship with Netflix, Zack Snyder isn’t messing around. Army of Thieves comes to Netflix on Friday just five months after Army of the Dead, and there’s much more on its way in the not-too-distant future.

Animated companion series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas lands early next year, sequel Planet of the Dead was just given a title, while Norse-inspired anime Twilight of the Gods is also on the cards, without mentioning the filmmaker’s long-held desire to mix it up with long-gestating drama The Last Photograph or his King Arthur story set in the American West.

Before that, though, Snyder has sci-fi blockbuster Rebel Moon coming next, which began its life as a Star Wars spinoff inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai before being refitted into an unrelated project once it was jettisoned from a galaxy far, far away. In a new interview with Inverse, the director teased that a first look at the movie and some casting news is coming soon.

“We’re just plugging away. It’s so huge and so crazy but really exciting, and I’m super excited as we get closer to sharing some art and casting, because it’s all starting to come together.”

Snyder has been toying with the idea of what eventually became Rebel Moon since at least 2013, so he’s had plenty of time to knock the narrative into shape since it shed the Star Wars trappings. Seven Samurai has proved fertile ground for countless generations of talent, but it’s be safe to assume that this one will be light on subtlety and big on pyrotechnics.